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Hi! I hope that your Thanksgiving was a smashing success. Now that you are full of turkey (or tofurkey) and stuffing I am 99.999% sure that Holiday shopping is the absolute last thing that you are thinking about. Lucky for you I have compiled a list of some of the best gifts for the kids in your life. So sit back and relax because I’ve got you covered with this year’s Holiday Gift Guide…



From the minds of artist Greg Murphy and author Jason Ciaramella comes the wildly unique and utterly amazing C is for Cthulhu. What started out as a Kickstarter for a simple board book has turned into a booming business that introduces children to the amazing world of Lovecraft. From books, coloring books to Cthulhu plushes and blankets  you can find the perfect gift for you monster loving child.


Sweet Dreams Cthulhu Collector’s Box


This box contains everything your child needs to drift off to sleep, including a copy of the first edition of Sweet Dreams Cthulhu. 

What’s In The Box

  • SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU Hardcover Board Book
  • Limited edition numbered bookplate signed by Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy
  • C IS FOR CTHULHU Hardcover Board Book
  • C is for Cthulhu Coloring Book
  • Glow-In-The-Dark C is for Cthulhu Enamel Pin Set (2)
  • C is for Cthulhu Refrigerator Magnets (3 Pack)
  • C is for Cthulhu Tattoos x 8
  • C is for Cthulhu Stickers
  • SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU Collector’s Box


This box is jammed packed with goodies and everything is just so adorable. The books are very sturdy and passed the Lennon test, my three year old wrecks havoc on any book that he finds. The bedtime book was a huge hit with my two toddlers, they thought it was funny that even Cthulhu has bad dreams. After a story time they cuddled with their Cthulhu plushes and fell straight to sleep.




New Baby Plushes

The perfect cuddly plush for the youngest monster lover in your life! Super soft and super cute…

  • Custom embroidered eyes, wings, and other details. A standing height of 6 inches.
  • A beanie bottom bum for posed shelf sitting.
  • Crinkle-material added to the wings for extra texture and fun.
  • Child safety tested in the USA.
  • Extremely soft, huggable, and completely lovable.
  • Die-cut C is for Cthulhu tag so you know it’s legit!
  • The perfect gift for Lovecraft fans of all ages.
  • Available in classic GREEN, and limited edition BLUE and PINK, making this a must-have baby shower gift for the cultists in your life.


Final Thoughts


If you are anything like me you are always on the hunt for unique gifts for your family. Alphabet books are always a wonderful gift. Adding mythical monsters makes it even more interesting and your kids will be begging to read! My toddler (three) actually begs for me to read to him from these books instead of watching cartoons!!! I call that a parenting win. Check out all of the wonderful gifts and order your very own Cthulhu at C is for Cthulhu



Edwin The Duck



Edwin interacts with your child through touch and movement. Tap him on the wing and he will wave hello. Tap him on his tail feathers and he quacks. Move him up and down and he flies, that feature is used in a balloon popping game. Move him side to side and he dances. You can also use him as a wireless speaker which comes in handy at bedtime. Since the Android app does not have the white noise function yet we found a video on YouTube and have it playing through Edwin, it has been a life saver since it’s getting too cold to run the fan at night, which we did for the background noise.



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Goliath Games

After a long and hectic week full of school work and errands we like to spend our weekends together having fun. Most of the time we break out a board game and have a family game night. The problem that we run into with that is that most of our games are not toddler friendly (more for older kids). Our two youngest had to sit on the sidelines and watch us play. I was ecstatic when Goliath Games reached out to me on Twitter and offered to send over a bundle of their most popular toddler friendly games. Family board games are always a great gift. Not only are they fun but it is a way to spend quality time with your family.

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Happy Holidays!



I had so much fun writing this year’s gift guide. I hope that you have just as much reading it. I also hope that I gave you some gift ideas because that is the whole purpose of a gift guide, right? I hope that you and your family have a joyous and magical Holiday. Thank you for stopping by!!

***Disclaimer*** -insert boring legal stuff here- I received these products in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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