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I was emailed about a new website called Uplow.cowhich is a blog about bloggers. They wrote that they checked out my blog and would love to have e on their website! I am so honored!! So, I need to tell them a little about myself, here it goes…



How It All Started

I was born in Tampa, Florida. My father was in the Air Force so we moved, a lot. I grew up in some pretty spectacular places, Alaska and Hawaii. We spent four years in both Alaska and Hawaii before finally settling down in North Carolina, where my dad retired. He was stationed at Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville. I grew up, moved around some myself but eventually came back to Fayetteville to start my own family.



What I’m All About

In reality I am such a boring person, lol. I am a mom to four awesomely, wonderful kids. Noemi, who is 12. Eloy, who is 10. Bronx, who is 4 and Lennon who just turned 3. We home school our kids because of issues they had with bullying in the public school system. I am married to a wonderful guy who so lovingly puts up with all of my mood swings and love of weird things. I am a nerd at heart, and proud of it! I am a HUGE fan girl for Game of Thrones. I am a horror buff and collect horror figurines and Funko Pops. I love to read (when I can find the time) and am currently reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King (I am a huge fan). I’m also a dog mom to a very lazy Shusky (Husky/GSD mix) named Zero.



 My Life Now

I own this blog and another website (which is currently under construction). I love blogging and have met the most awesome people (also bloggers) who have helped me immensely. We are currently getting our 4 year old ready for kindergarten, he will also be home schooled. I am a Chewy Ambassador (Chewy.com) and work with their blogging program. I review products and books and have worked with some pretty amazing companies. That is pretty much it, my life in a nutshell. Thank you for stopping by! If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends.

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