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To be 100% honest with you if you do not have an iPhone or tablet your interactions with Edwin are very limited. The Android app that is used to interact with Edwin lacks some of the key components that the iPhone app has, thermometer (for bathwater temp), white noise, and others. While the Android app is good I can not give a full review for some of Edwin’s functions because they were not available to me.

After speaking with someone on Edwin’s Facebook page I found that there is an update for the Android app. After trying numerous times to install the update , it will not update. Many people are having the same exact issue.

Why is this app so important you may ask. Well the app is how your child interacts with Edwin.


Edwin interacts with your child through touch and movement. Tap him on the wing and he will wave hello. Tap him on his tail feathers and he quacks. Move him up and down and he flies, that feature is used in a balloon popping game. Move him side to side and he dances.

You can also use him as a wireless speaker which comes in handy at bedtime. Since the Android app does not have the white noise function yet we found a video on YouTube and have it playine through Edwin, it has been a life saver since it’s getting too cold to run the fan at night, which we did for the background noise.

Story Time

There are three books in the library.

  • Feeling Small
  • Your New Best Friend
  • Yellow, In All Its Brillance


Your child can interact with the story by moving or tapping Edwin when prompted. The books are great and my three year old had so much fun making Edwin grab the cereal in the feeling small book.

Game Time

There are Also three games.

  • Balloon Pop
  • Shapes with Edwin
  • Edwin’s Shape Matching

This is shapes with Edwin. A fun interactive shape matching game. When you match the shape correctly you get a quack and Edwin lights up green. Answer incorrectly and you get a red light.

Music Time

There are Two songs

  • Squishy, Squishy, Squashy
  • He’s My Bestfriend

Can you hear him humming along to the music? It’s so cute! You can also use him as a Bluetooth speaker so the music possibilities are endless.

Bed Time

There is only one song for bedtime in the app. You can always stream your little ones favorite bedtime tunes through Edwin’s wireless speaker.

Not to shabby for a duck that got his start on Kickstarter,  and just in time for the holidays my readers can go to http://adad.io/updfx  and enter the promo code Special50 to get 50% off of their own Edwin. The promo is good until November 4th so act fast.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and found it informative as well as entertaining. Please feel free to comment and share,  Thank you.

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