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Hello! My name is Michelle and I am the owner and operator of mostawesomemom.com . I have four awesome kids and am happily married to a Most Awesome Dad. I don’t pen myself as your normal run of the mill mom. I am a nerd who loves horror and science fiction. I am an avid book reader and gamer. I am addicted to Funko Pops and Game of Thrones. I am a product reviewer and lifestyle blogger. I love interacting with new people and trying new things.

My Social Media Numbers

Facebook: 1,587
Twitter: 2,066
Instagram: 3,814
Pinterest: 479
Google+ : 192
UMV: 5,876 MV: 8,112


Mostly equal parts of women to men with women readers having a marginal advantage of 3%. Women ages 24-36 Men ages 25-37.
Most readers are from the United States with some being from the United Kingdom.

Companies I Have Worked With

Pop in a Box           Edwin the Duck
Loreal Paris             Adovia
Jammie Jams          Adele’s Purest Possible
9 dollar t-shirts         Bookcase.club
Horizon Organics       ShoutKids
Seventh Generation
Honest Tea
Scent bird

What I Offer
High Quality Photos
Clear and Concise Reviews
High Quality Video

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