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The Purina brand is synonymous with high quality dog food and treats. We are always looking for new and exciting products for Zero to try. what did Zero think about these treats? Did they get his two paws up rating? Let’s find out…



About Purina

We all know that Purina makes high quality pet food and treats but did you know that they are also champions for all pets big and small? From helping people and pets that were impacted by the recent hurricanes and investing over 19 million dollars into various pet communities across the US. They do so much more. If you would like to see all of the good that Purina does please visit there website.



About The Treats


You won’t need a lie detector test to know these treats are pup-approved. When you pop open a bag of beef and chicken tenders from Honest to Dog, your pal’s tail-wag tells the dog’s honest truth. Featuring real beef and chicken as the first two ingredients, these treats combine the flavor your dog loves and the wholesome goodness you expect. A grain-free and limited ingredient recipe means these little rewards are even safer to savor—simple and also gentle on your furbaby’s stomach. The semi-moist texture creates a bite your pup will love to nibble on, rounding out a tasty treat with a hearty chew. Cuddle time gets even better when you serve up a tasty, chewy snack.

Key Benefits

  • Natural dog treats are as wholesome as they are tasty.
  • Grain-free recipe is easy to digest for most dogs.
  • Limited ingredients avoid many common allergens.
  • Real beef is the first ingredient, followed by real chicken.
  • Protein-rich treats made with a tender, meaty texture your dog will love.

Courtesy Of: Chewy.com 



What Does Zero Think


Zero really enjoyed chomping on these tasty grain free treats. They are just the right size for mid to large size dogs and can easily be torn into smaller bits for smaller dogs. You can also tear them into smaller pieces and add them to your dogs food for a fun and yummy surprise. They have a chewy texture that Zero absolutely loves. we usually give him two at a time and it seems to satisfy him. All in all he really enjoys these treats and definitely gives them two paws up.




Final Thoughts


We always try to support companies that give back and Purina does just that. Not only do they make quality food and treats but they do so much good in the pet community. Zero loves the treats and I love Purina’s passion for pets and the pet community. Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please share with your friends.

*** Disclaimer *** Zero received this product from Chewy.com in exchange for his honest and unbiased review. All thoughts are his own.







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