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Welcome to another edition of The Nerdy Newsletter! Can you believe that it is already June?! It seems like just yesterday it was May, what happend!!?? Without further ado, let’s dive right in!!




Summer Vacation


It seems like only yesterday I was waking up my grumbling older littles to start the school year. As of June 8th they will be out for Summer vacation. excuse me while repeatedly bang my head against this wall. Keeping kids occupied and entertained during the Summer is like a part-time job. Luckily I have the inside scoop on all things cool and will be doing a weekly round-up of kid friendly activities to keep your littles busy and out of your hair (joking, kind of).

I would love to hear from you! So tell me, what are your plans for Summer? Family vacation? If so, where are you going? Maybe Summer camp? I went to Girl Scout camp when I lived in Hawaii, it was awesome. Or just chilling at home with the trusty inflatable pool? Do you have any tried and true hacks or tips for keeping the littles entertained? Let me know in the comments!



Father’s Day


Father’s Day is June 17th and time is running out to find dear old dad the perfect gift. Good thing I posted my handy dandy Father’s Day Gift Guide! It’s filled with one of a kind gift ideas for all the dads in your life.


I loved putting this gift guide together, it was sooo much fun!! I just know that you will find something perfect gift for the pop in your life.

And just remember that you do not have to spend a butt load of money to make the dad in your life feel loved and special. Sometimes simple is best. A home cooked meal and a day of relaxing or how about a day at the ballpark? Just let dad know how much you all appreciate him and he is sure to feel like a King. You can read the full gift guide [HERE]




World Beatles Day


Did you know that June 25th is World Beatles Day? Well, now you do. Of course I would know all about this lesser known day because I am a HUGE Beatles fan. I mean, I did name my youngest son Lennon Mercury.

“Each June 25, the international community comes together to celebrate World Beatles Day. This holiday pays tribute to the Beatles and the impact they had on both music history and popular culture in general. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison exploded into popularity in 1962, and went on to release a series of groundbreaking songs and albums throughout the next decade. Their first performance in the United States, at the Washington Coliseum in 1964, is still one of the most well-known concerts in U.S. history. World Beatles Day was founded in 2009 as a way to honor the Beatles’ contribution to several genres of music, and their platform of peace, positivity, and enthusiasm. The Beatles’ beloved hit, “All You Need Is Love,” was first performed on British television on June 25, 1967, which is the reason for the holiday’s date. Rather than shopping for Beatles products or promoting competition over who is the band’s biggest fan, the holiday is intended to spark inspiration and reflection over the Beatles’ positive messages. It’s a great day to hug your loved ones, consider which social causes mean the most to you, and choose peace and love over anger and fear.”

Courtesy of: National Today




5k Instagram Giveaway


Since Instagram put a stop to the giveaway that I was running on my profile I will have to redo it here on my blog, GRRRR! It does not make since to me. I see at least 5 contests/giveaways at any given time cross my IG feed but mine gets flagged, go figure… So probably Monday I will start a month long giveaway and the prize will be your choice of $25 PayPal cash OR Amazon gift code.

Remember to get your entries in and GOOD LUCK!!!



In Closing


Look for some awesome game reviews this month as well as my Summer activities round-up. Make sure to enter my giveaway and feel free to share with your friends! Thanks for all of your continued support, it really means a lot to me. Have a Nerdastic Day!


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