Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Chew Bacon Flavor Dog Toy


Hi ya’ll! I have another pawesome pooch product to tell you about. It is from Nylabone and is, bacon flavored!! Let’s dive right in shall we…



About Nylabone


ince 1955, Nylabone has been making the world’s best chew toys, long-lasting edible chews, and dental solutions for dogs of every age, breed, shape, and size. As a family-founded company with a heritage of knowledge and expertise as the world’s largest pet-book publisher—and as pet parents ourselves—we know that every dog is different, and so are their needs. That is why we make a wide variety of chewing solutions in flavors, shapes, sizes, and textures for every kind of dog and chewing strength.

For every reason to chew, there’s a Nylabone! Our veterinarian-recommended chew toys, edible chew treats, and innovative dental products promote good canine dental hygiene, occupy and entertain, discourage destructive chewing, reduce stress, and strengthen the bond between pets and their people.

To put it simply, Nylabone Chews Best!

Courtesy of: Nylabone’s website 
Nylabone is also a champion for shelter dogs and through their Nylabone cares project has donated more then five million dollars worth of chew toys and other support to many shelters, animal welfare groups and canine service organizations across the United States. To see a list of all the good that Nylabone does visit their website.

About The Product


Bacon flavor and fresh breath? You bet! The Nylabone Double Action Chew Bone Dog Toy gives you and your pup the best of both worlds, satisfying his need to chew and your need to keep bad breath at bay. The ends of the toy have a tempting bacon flavor, and the soft middle has a fresh minty scent for bad breath control. Double Action Chews have tiny bristle-like projections that control tartar, massages his gums, and keep his chompers clean.

Key Benefits

  • Dental nubs help clean teeth, massage gums and reduce tartar while your pet chews and gnaws away.
  • Minty center freshens doggy breath making kisses much more enjoyable and a bacon flavored outside make this an irresistible toy for any pet.
  • Durable construction for lasting use so you can help keep your pet entertained and encourage safe, healthy chewing habits that save shoes and furniture from destructive chewing.
  • The unique design makes this toy easy for your pup to carry around since they can grip the center effortlessly.
  • Vet-recommended so you can feel confident about giving this toy to your furry family member.

Every dog plays differently and, since not all toys are created equal, it’s always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get ruff. Supervised play will help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pal safe. No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

Courtesy Of: Chewy.com



Zero’s Thoughts


He loves his new chew toy and even takes it to bed with him, lol. He is a chewer, as most Huskies are, and the Nylasbone Durachew really lets him satisfy his craving to chew, which is great new for my shoes and my little’s toys. He chews on it pretty often for at least 30 minutes at a time and after each “chew session” I examine the bone to check for any wear and tear and have yet to see any. It keeps him happily occupied and that in turn makes me happy.



Final Thoughts


I love Nylabone not only do they make awesome pooch products but they do so much good for dogs in shelters. Zero loves his Durachew and gives it two very enthusiastic paws up. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed this review. Please feel free to share with your friends.

*** Disclaimer *** I received this product free from Chewy.com in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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