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OMG! I am so sorry ya’ll but I just had to take some time off. Between school starting and dealing with a threenager AND a teenager I was losing my mind, lol. I am back though, in full force. Have been busy working on my annual Holiday Gift Guide, that is another story though. Let’s dive right in shall we…



Halloween The Movie


As some of you may know I am an absolute horror buff. I love all things horror and have quite the collection of horror themed collectibles and pictures. One of my all time favorite movie franchises is Halloween. I even love the third installment but that is a debate for another time. I am beyond excited for this latest movie in the Halloween universe because Jamie Lee Curtis is reprising her role as Laurie Strode.

If you are wondering the new movie picks up right after the first one and ignores every other movie ever made after it. I have yet to see it but according toย Bloody Disgustingย , my go to source for all things horror, their are some really interesting theories. One of those theories is that Laurie is a Dr. Loomis type figure in the movie. You can read all about it by clicking that handy dandy link and watch the awesome trailer below.


Looks amazing, right!!


Halloween The Holiday


Can you guess what my favorite Holiday is? Halloween, yes!! The air is turning cooler and the ghosts and zombies have taken over our televisions. We go all out for Halloween. From hosting monster movie nights to making rice krispie treat skulls, we do it all. We take the kids to a Halloween festival every year, it’s a tradition. They play games bounce in the bouncy houses and do the cake walk, plus they get fed! At the end of the night each person gets a bag full of candy, it’s fantastic. Take a look at some of their past Halloween looks below and stay tunes for this year’s costumes.


Well I suppose that is about it, lol. I hope you and your family have a spookily good Halloween. Thanks for stopping by! I hoped that you enjoyed this month’s newsletter and if you did please remember to share!


18 thoughts on “October’s Nerdy Newsletter

  1. I love Halloween…. It’s fun seeing kids in full costumes trick or treating…. It’s ironic that it become festive….. Nightmare b4 Christmas is my fave to be in the mood for Halloween…..

  2. I enjoy Halloween, maybe not the trick or treating part as much as when I was a child, but the other parts, scary movies all night long, making treats, and popcorn with a spicy chilly sauce that looks like blood, spending that day with friends, telling scary stories and what not, haven’t watched any other part of the Halloween series, only the first one, but I might watch this version.

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