Parenting A Strong Willed Child


Brainstorming the title to this post took a hot minute. I’m not going to lie, I almost went with “dealing with a strong willed child”. I figured that if I used that I would have the mommy shamers in my comments giving me grief, they always do. Let’s be honest though if you are the parent to a strong willed child then sometimes, ok 99.999% of the time, all you can do is deal with it.


About My Strong Willed Child


Lennon is three, a threenager as I so affectionately refer to him as, and he is a hand-full. When I say a hand-full I mean two hands, three on a bad day. He is a whirlwind of mischief and mood swings rolled into a cute but exasperating bundle of toddler. He literally hits the ground running every single morning and I am more then convinced that he dreams of ways to get into trouble at night. When he does not get his way he will find the nearest breakable object and swipe it off its perch, or he just screams. when I say he screams I mean he screams. My husband has told me that he can be heard down the block.



How I Cope


wine, lots of wine. No, I’m kidding, lol. I try to remain calm during the storm, easier said than done sometimes. I just remember that it’s only a stage that he will soon grown out of and that this to shall pass. I know that if I get upset that I am just adding fuel to his fire and it will result in utter chaos. Walking away from his meltdown and letting him figure it out for himself also works. I sometimes even hand him my phone and let him watch videos, he loves to watch the alphabet song on YouTube. Yes, I have the parental blocks on YouTube and no I don’t use this tactic often, stay back mommy shamers! It’s what works for me and it helps to diffuse the situation.



This Too Shall Pass


With every meltdown and tantrum just remember, this too shall pass. Just breath through it and divert the oncoming storm with a fun activity, another tactic I use. Just remember that strong willed children eventually grow into strong willed adults, which is a good thing! Let them explore their personality, within reason of course, and figure out the world for themselves. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post because I sure had a blast writing it. I love sharing little tidbits of my life with all of you.



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