The BoxCar Children ~Surprise Island~ Review & Giveaway


I remember reading The BoxCar Children when I was was a child. I loved the books and am so happy that I can now introduce my littes to the Alden kids.






The Alden children have a home with their grandfather now — but their adventures are just beginning! The first surprise comes when they learn they’ll be spending the summer on a private island. A kind stranger who lives there is always happy to help the children out … but does this new friend have a secret?

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My Thoughts


As a child I remember being so fascinated by the prospect of life in a box car. I would sit for hours at a time completely enthralled with the adventures of the Alden kids. Me and my littles cozied up and watched this one dreary Saturday afternoon. I half expected for my youngest two ( 3 and 4 ) to protest at having to sit still for the entire movie, but they did! They sat and watched the whole movie, and asked to watch it again the next day.  Finding a movie that the whole family enjoys is no easy task, let me tell you. It’s suitable for all ages and has such a great message. My kids even want to do a school project based o the movie! They want to go tech free for an entire week, to get an idea if what it means to lead a “simpler life”. My littles think I’m so cool now, lol. I told them that when I was their age we did not have smart phones, tablets or WIFI. We played outside, most of the time in the woods. I can’t wait to share the outcome of our little project. Guess what!? You can enter to when your very own copy!! The giveaway is below and starts TODAY!! Good Luck…

***Disclaimer*** I received this DVD free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.



The Giveaway



The BoxCar Children ~Surprise Island~ DVD Giveaway

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  1. I loved reading the Boxcar Children books when I was growing up. It’s great that these stories are still being written today.

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