What I Gave Up When I Became A Mom


Guys, I love being a mom. That being said I do miss some of the things I was able to do pre-kids. We take for granted all of the small things we were able to enjoy before we became moms. So, without further adieu here’s ” What I Gave Up When I Became A Mom “.



Using The Bathroom Alone

My three year old is the main culprit of this one. It’s like he has built in radar that lets him know when i am trying to use the toilet. To make matters worse, yes it can get worse, when my husband comes to collect him  instead of leaving me to do my business in peace he decides that this is the absolute best time to discuss our shopping list, or a new show.



Sleeping In

When you have kids the doctor fails to tell you that you can go ahead and throw your alarm clocks out of the window. Even on the weekends, it never fails, they come bounding in at the butt crack of dawn. Demanding they be fed and entertained, ugh. It’s like being a sports car. I’m expected to go from a deep peaceful sleep to mom mode in 3.5 seconds, so not going to happen.



Eating A Meal While It’s Hot

Or without yelling at a child for that matter. I can’t tell you how many times I have nearly choked trying to yell at a toddler and swallow food at the same time, it’s not possible. Simply sitting down and eating a meal before it gets cold, would be amazing.



Laughing, Coughing Or Sneezing Without Peeing Myself

Yes, you read that correctly. I have a quote on my Instagram ” When I was little I used to laugh when my mom crossed her legs when she sneezed. I no longer find it funny”. I can’t laugh, cough or sneeze without peeing myself! Forget about cold season, I have to wear Depends! Yes, it’s normal for moms to do but it doesn’t make it suck any less.



Netflix And Chill

 Now it’s Netflix and try to stay awake. Or, in my case, ” Netflix and for the love of (whatever Holy deity you worship) please go to sleep!! Most nights I just use Netflix as background noise to fall asleep to. Why do I keep it? It keeps my littles occupied, duh.



Would I Change A Minute Of It

Absolutely not! I have never been happier and more content than I am now, as a mom. Sure, life was full of exciting adventures when I was riding solo. Now my life revolves around my littles and I would not have it any other way. Even on the days when I have to hide in my office eating chocolate and drinking straight out of the wine bottle, kidding. Thanks for stopping by. I do hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please share it with your friends.

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